To find these Apps, go to iTunes. Type in the name of the App in the Search box, press Enter.
All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.

comic_touch.pngComic Touch(Free or $4.19 NZ) Add speech bubbles or text boxes to your photos. Smudge, stretch, bulge, dent or add light effects to your photo. Email your comic (Lite version will have a watermark on it).Students could use this to publish their poetry,or make comics of their drawings (take photosof drawings). Publish their writing and then email it for printing.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_1.22.00_PM.pngPhotogene ($2.59 for iPhone.iPod, $5.29 for iPad) crop, rotate, straighten, add effects, add filters, adjust colours, remove red eye and add annotations to your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_4.18.20_PM.pngFotobabble (Free) Upload a photo then record your voice talking about it.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_4.54.37_PM.pngRick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet ($12.99) Learn how to be a better photographer through the tips, movies and interactive activities.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_5.46.12_PM.pngBeFunky Cartooniser ($1.29) Upload your photos and turn them into cartoons.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_6.21.33_PM.pngColour Splash (Free to $2.59) Turn a colour photo into greyscale and then colour the parts you want to see in colour.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_7.07.34_PM.pngCooliris (Free) View photos from Picasa and Flickr. Could be used as an amazing presenting tool.
Screen_shot_2010-10-17_at_10.28.36_PM.pngPortfolio to go (Free to $6.49) Link to your Flickr account and show off your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-19_at_10.59.42_AM.pngFace Goo lite (Free) Morph your photos, stretch, pinch and twist your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-20_at_1.17.22_PM.pngFlickr (Free) Upload, organise and view photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-20_at_5.46.32_PM.pngHDR for Free (Free) Add a range of luminance to your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-20_at_8.06.57_PM.pngCamera for iPad ($1.29) Add a camera wirelessly, use your iPhone. The iPad shows what the iPhone is seeing through its camera.
Screen_shot_2010-10-21_at_9.52.43_PM.pngPerfectly Clear ($4.19) Offers improvements to your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-21_at_10.35.37_PM.pngTouch and Retouch ($1.29) remove unwanted content from your photos.
2010-10-22_1429.pngPixel Perfect (Freefor cut down version and full version free for short time) Improve your photos by using the editing tools and effects.
2010-10-22_1442.pngPhotoPad (Free) Add effects to your photos.
2010-10-22_1531.pngAdobe Photoshop Express (Free) Edit, add effects and share photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-22_at_8.19.57_PM.pngPro HDR ($2.59) Enhance your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-10-22_at_9.09.02_PM.pngMobile Fotos ($4.19) Browse and upload photos to Flickr
Screen_shot_2010-10-22_at_9.50.07_PM.pngInstagram (Free) Lots of photo filters.
2010-11-04_1235.png PhotoForge ($4.19 - $6.49) Editing, painting, retouching and effects for your photos.
Screen_shot_2010-11-13_at_12.06.07_PM.pngTiltshifter Generator (Free, $1.29, $4.19) Apply radical depth of field to photos so that parts of the photo are put out of focus and the infocus bits look like toys.
Screen_shot_2010-11-14_at_5.22.46_PM.pngColor Magic (Free to $4.19) Turn photos into Black and white and then colour the parts you want in colour.
Screen_shot_2010-11-14_at_6.25.16_PM.pngLego Photo (Free) Turn your photos into Lego pictures.
2010-11-30_1728.pngCrop for Free (Free) Click on the Images button and select an image, crop it and then it is resaved as that cropped image. Simple and easy.
2010-12-07_1610.png Storyrobe (Free) Choose images and/or video, narrate your story, upload to Youtube, email or import into iPhoto
Screen_shot_2011-05-06_at_5.54.55_PM.pngComic Life ($10.99) Made by Plasq based on the well known computer programme Comic Life, create comics using your photos or drawings.